Latest Tourney Results

2014 Point Leaders

Place Team Title Points
1 Goodfellas 102
2 Bulldogs 94
3 That's Game 75
4 Find Some Grass 72
5 Beaver Killers 71
6 Coyotes 69
6 Scorin From 2nd 69
8 Enemy Of The State 65
9 On A Mission 53
10 Danger Zone 51

Upcoming Tournaments

Date Location Level
11/01/2014 HB Sports Complex E
"Tournament of Champions"
11/01/2014 HB Sports Complex Rec
"Tournament of Champions"
11/08/2014 Edison Park E / Rec
Full Subs
11/15/2014 HB Sports Complex E
Provided Bats "Combats"
11/15/2014 HB Sports Complex Rec
Provided Bats "Combats"

PSTS Softball

THANKS  For all the TOYS!!!

Our Toys for Tots Tournament was a big success.  

Thank you to all the teams that participated in this event!  

Your generosity  was well received as we delivered all the toys to the Orangewood Children’s Home and a Self Sufficiency Program in H.B.