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Team Title Team Coach Team Level
Batters Of The Carribean Aaron Coed
Batweiser Joe E
Bayou Boys Ethan Popp Lower E
BB Sean Rodriguez Lower E
BB Sean Rodriguez Lower E
Beach City Tacos Ernesto Coed
Bearly Sober Cesar Upper Rec
Beaver Killers Keith Rec
Beaver Liquors JP Upper Rec
Beefy Sticks Louie Lower E
Been Trill Anthony Acuna Rec
Beer Fellas Carlos Upper Rec
Beer Run Joe Rec
Bench Warmers E
Big Ballers Shawn E
Big Balls Jessie Rec
Big Balls Jessie Upper E
Big Boys John Norman Lower E
Big Deuce Rec
Big Dogs Frank E

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Banned Bats List

  • Mikens (2013 stamped approved)
  • ALL Senior Edition bats
  • Rip It (Senior)
  • Toloso
  • Boombah
  • Synergy (1st batch w/out USSSA stamp)