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Team Title Team Coach Team Level
Dick's N Cider Jason Lower E
Dingerville Brad Rec
Dip & Stick Jason Aden Coed
Dirtbags Gabe Martinez Upper Rec
Dirtbags Brian Lower E
Dirtbags Shawn Upper Rec
Dirty Balls Rick Rec
Dirty Bastards Roberto Rec
Dirty Deuce Joe Wood Upper Rec
Dirty Deuce Joe Wood Lower E
Dirty Dozen. Damon E
Dirty Ducks Paul Upper Rec
Dirty Harrys Derek Lower E
DJ's Jose Rec
DNA Diana Lower Rec
Do Work Tyrone Rec
Do Work.. Chris E
Dodgers Gator Seniors
Doghouse Curt Morris E

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Banned Bats List

  • Mikens (2013 stamped approved)
  • ALL Senior Edition bats
  • Rip It (Senior)
  • Toloso
  • Boombah
  • Synergy (1st batch w/out USSSA stamp)