Latest Tourney Results

Date Location Level
08/20/2016 Edison Park E / Rec
08/13/2016 Edison Park E / Rec
08/06/2016 Edison Park E / Rec
07/30/2016 Worthy Park E / Rec
07/23/2016 Edison Park E / Rec
07/16/2016 Edison Park E / Rec
07/09/2016 Worthy Park E / Rec
07/02/2016 Edison Park E / Rec
06/25/2016 Worthy Park E / Rec
06/18/2016 Edison Park E / Rec

2016 Point Leaders

Place Team Title Points
1 Coyotes 112
2 Jimbo Slice 88
3 That's Game 84
4 Bulldogs 83
5 Puro Pedo 72
6 Hitmen 48
7 The Supers 47
8 Wrekem 46
9 Find Some Grass 45
10 Scorin From 2nd 44

Upcoming Tournaments

Date Location Level
09/03/2016 Edison Park E / Rec
Full Subs
09/10/2016 Worthy Park E / Rec
Round Robin Format
09/17/2016 Edison Park E / Rec
Full Subs
09/24/2016 Edison Park E / Rec
Full Subs
10/01/2016 HB Sports Complex E
Full Subs

PSTS Softball

PSTS Only has E and REC Division Tournaments 

PSTS only has E and REC division tournaments. Therefore no “C “or higher rated players will be eligible to play in a PSTS tournament.

A “D “rated player must be approved to play in the “E” division and is not eligible to play in the “REC” division and the same for an “E” player wanting to play in the “REC” division. The reason for this is to try create Equal and competitive tournaments. 


PSTS Thanks Teams 

 PSTS would like to thank all the teams that participated in a PSTS tournament in 2015 and to the teams that played in this year Toys for Tots tournament thank you for your generosity with the toys and money that were donated. Everything went to Orangewood Children’s Home and to the H.B. Self Sufficiency Program and they were all very much appreciative.  

Have a Happy Holiday and a safe New Year.


Banned Bats List

  • Mikens (2013 stamped approved)
  • ALL Senior Edition bats
  • Rip It (Senior)
  • Toloso
  • Boombah
  • Synergy (1st batch w/out USSSA stamp)

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